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Features of — Here’s What You Can Get!

Normal Image Cutout (Background Removal)

You can remove background in a single click. Almost every essential niche image can be edited with The main ones are:

  • People
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Vehicles
  • Graphics

How to Use the Image Cutout Feature

Step 1: Visit the website at

  • Add a background color or image from the gallery
  • Download the image in the resolution of your choice
  • Edit image

Head-Portrait Cutout

Do you run a print on demand business? If yes, this online background remover tool will help you a ton with getting rid of the unwanted background that comes with a built design. For example, you can edit or remove background from cartoon body templates, which usually go on many POD products.

Passport Photo Editor

This feature is a great addition to the features list. With a passport photo editor, you can upload a picture of your face captured from your camera and get rid of the background, making the image look exactly like a passport image.

  • Replace background with white
  • Resize the image, crop, or convert the image to the desired size
  • The app gives you several suits which you can put on your image to look formal
  • Download the image with the right dimensions so that it can fit well for your passport or VISA in numerous countries
  • Save the image in PNG or JPG format (PNG is recommended as it’s the highest quality)

Image Retouch

  • You can even remove background from images with objects, animals, and scratches from the image and give your image a retro look.
  • With, you don’t need to hide your skin defects with heavy makeup. The app retouches the images in a few clicks. Get rid of those annoying wrinkles and redness with retouch tools.
  • It’s quite annoying when you have someone uninvited in your background. No worries, you can easily get rid of unwanted people in your image background.
  • Get rid of unwanted objects like power lines, trash cans, or any other clutter from your image background. Pricing

The tool lets you start off with a free plan. Once you sign up, you will get 1 free credit to try the platform out. 1 credit is equivalent to 1 image, meaning you can use the platform to download 1 high-resolution image for free. Please note that all preview images (resolution less than 500 x 500 pixels) are free for download anytime.

What Makes Different from Other Background Removal Tools? has been made, keeping an eye on even the minuscule aspects. From removing background to giving retouches, it really does a lot of things that can’t be portrayed in words. So, let’s just compare it with other well-known tools to find out what makes different. vs.

Image Quality After Background Removal

Original image 1: vs Remove.Bg Comparison vs Remove.Bg Price Comparison

Considering the price, it appears that the is cheaper than The cost for 1 credit in is $0.125 but in, 1 credit would cost you $0.2. vs. Clipping Magic

Image Quality After Background Removal

Original image 1:

Clipping Magic Image Quality Image Quality

Clipping Magic Image Quality vs Clipping Magic Comparison vs Clipping Magic Price Comparison is cheaper than clipping magic. The cost for 1 credit in is $0.125, but in Clipping Magic 1 credit would cost you $0.14.

Get Free Credits Today is one of the best background removers I’ve come across in a while. It’s simple-to-use interface, lightning-fast results, and several advanced features are what sets this tool apart from the rest.

The Bottom Line

Spending hours on a tool like Photoshop or GIMP is not a good choice. Similarly, taking a shortcut on such apps that don’t work is not either.



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