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Removing the background from an image is a tough nut to crack, especially when you use tools like Adobe Photoshop.

After being there for hours, we came across It’s an AI tool that cuts out all the unwanted background in a single click. However, is not only an image background remover that you can use to remove the image background; it has many capabilities such as image enhancement, various cutout types, retouch, etc.

We will run you through all the features of, its pricing, and a few comparisons of the tool with other similar tools.

So let’s get started!

Features of — Here’s What You Can Get!

Normal Image Cutout (Background Removal)

  • People
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Vehicles
  • Graphics

After the background removal, the quality will be top-notch, with stunning edge details that can surprise you for real.

What I like the most about it is its ability to remove picture backgrounds in bulk (i.e., the batch processing capability).

How to Use the Image Cutout Feature

Step 2: Click on ‘Remove Background’ in the top bar or simply on ‘Upload Image’ on the home page.

Step 3: Upload the image from your desktop or just copy it from your source and press Ctrl + V. In a few seconds, it would like this:

Step 4: Other features that you can play around with are:

  • Add a background color or image from the gallery
  • Download the image in the resolution of your choice
  • Edit image

Head-Portrait Cutout

The process of removing the background remains the same as ‘Image Cutout.’ All the features available in the image cutout are also available from the head-portrait cutout. The results look amazing as shown below. You will be able to add a stroke or smoothen out the edges to make it fit your need.

Passport Photo Editor

You can select the dimension from the given options and download the images in any quality you want.

The best thing about this feature is that it gives you the dimensions as per the country’s standards. You can even know what country asks for what dimensions while applying for VISA, isn’t that great?

Once you’re done with a nice passport photograph, you can try out any of these ideas.

  • Replace background with white
  • Resize the image, crop, or convert the image to the desired size
  • The app gives you several suits which you can put on your image to look formal
  • Download the image with the right dimensions so that it can fit well for your passport or VISA in numerous countries
  • Save the image in PNG or JPG format (PNG is recommended as it’s the highest quality)

Before Editing

After Editing

Image Retouch

  • With, you don’t need to hide your skin defects with heavy makeup. The app retouches the images in a few clicks. Get rid of those annoying wrinkles and redness with retouch tools.
  • It’s quite annoying when you have someone uninvited in your background. No worries, you can easily get rid of unwanted people in your image background.
  • Get rid of unwanted objects like power lines, trash cans, or any other clutter from your image background. Pricing

Now, if we talk about billing, there are two ways. First is the pay as you go. The second one is the subscription plan, which is more convenient for regular users. is giving away a 14-day money-back guarantee as well. In case anything messy happens, you can cancel your subscription whenever you feel like it. Isn’t it amazing that the leftover credits will be rolled over automatically at the end of the month?

What Makes Different from Other Background Removal Tools? vs.

Image Quality After Background Removal Image Quality Image Quality

Original image 2: Image Quality Image Quality

Original image 3: Image Quality Image Quality

Winner in Image Quality — vs Remove.Bg Comparison

As you can see, is clearly the winner here. vs Remove.Bg Price Comparison

Winner in pricing — vs. Clipping Magic

Image Quality After Background Removal

Clipping Magic Image Quality Image Quality

Original image 2:

Clipping Magic Image Quality Image Quality

Winner in image quality: vs Clipping Magic Comparison

Winner in feature — vs Clipping Magic Price Comparison

Winner in pricing —

Get Free Credits Today

The image quality we get after background removal is a professional graphic designer level quality.

When we look at its pricing, the amount you need to spend per image is less than its competitors as well.

What more can you ask? If you’re having a hard time believing me, try removing background and with yourself.

Just visit the Registration page of at and in the invite code section type — 1p9o.

Don’t forget to fill in other details and get 5 free credits for downloading full-resolution images today!

The Bottom Line

In that case, I would recommend you to try for background removal. After all, what’s wrong in trying it for free?

You won’t lose anything but get an experience that you may have never had on any background removal tool.

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