How to Start An Online Business in California

5 min readJun 14, 2020


Starting an online business from zero experience is a tough row to hoe. In that case, I am here to answer your question — “how to start an online business in California?”

How to Start an Online Business in California

Didn’t you search the same on Google? Of course, you did! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

My writing has helped many solo entrepreneurs. Therefore, I am in a great position to teach the best way to start an online business.

I know what’s under the sleeves of these gurus. Wanna know? Alright!

We’re about to go on a journey!

Let’s Gather Some Facts Before Starting An Online Business in California

1. More Than 95% of Online Businesses Fail

Do you know why only 5% of people are getting success in their online business?

Why more than 95% of businesses fail in california?

From my perspective, most entrepreneurs fail to succeed because of:-

  • little or no knowledge about digital marketing
  • overconfidence
  • inconsistency
  • taking research for granted
  • making such mistakes, which can’t be fixed later

2. People Quit Early

Whenever a change occurs, it becomes tough to adapt. Let me give you an example!

Best way to start a business in California

Let’s say, your father is announcing a new rule in the house. Suddenly, you say, “for real dad? Do you think we can do that?”

The exact same thing begins with offline business owners. That’s why they find it challenging to work online. And guess what? Eventually, they quit and tell others the same :(

3. Online Businesses Are As Tough As Offline Businesses

Many digital marketers are earning money by selling Ponzi schemes. If you have already enrolled in one of these programs, I’m sorry mate!

Is it easy to start an online business in california?

This is not how things work! Most fake marketers claim that you can make $100 per day next week.

Unless you grind hard enough, you can’t earn a single dime online.

To have a successful online business, you must reach out to people on a daily basis. Yes, it takes time and effort!

4. Online Businesses Are Not for Everyone

I know that human beings can achieve anything. The unfortunate fact is — if you don’t have skills, no one will do business with you.

Can anyone do online business?

Before closing the first deal, you need a little bit of knowledge in English, WordPress site building, automation, persuasion, and content development.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have such skills. You may build them on the way.

My motive is not to discourage you. I am putting it up because I want you to succeed at the end of the day.

Without awareness, you may do repetitive mistakes thinking what’s going wrong, right?

How Much Money Do You Need to Start An Online Business in California?

To be honest, it all depends on your business idea. If you’re about to start a freelance writing business, you can start without money.

If you’re getting into the catering business, you can consider spending $4,000–$15,000 in 1st year.

How much money do we need to start an online business?

When I started my freelance writing business, I wrote my requirements and cost on a piece of paper. It helped me calculate the total investment required to start an online business.

Just remember! If you don’t know about your requirements, you should either quit or work on another business idea.

What’s the point of starting a business with no knowledge about it? What kind of value can you possibly provide?

Pillars of Staring A Successful Online Business in California

  1. A Genuine Business Idea of Yours

Borrowed ideas don’t work in digital marketing. You need to be honest about your idea. After all, you will represent it.

Believe me! In the online world, buyers turn off way faster than imagination.

Once buyers somehow picture you as a fake business owner, you will lose the rapport. Eventually, they will get the same product or service from elsewhere.

2. A Website with Premium Tools & Plugins

A website is a USP (unique selling point) of your business. Without it, your business won’t go far.

Is a website necessary for an online business?

Nowadays, a website with a good domain is considered a sign of authority.

In order to set up a good website, you need:-

  • A good domain + web hosting
  • Premium WordPress theme
  • Yoast SEO, Grammarly, and other important plugins suitable for your business
  • An autoresponder so that you can automate the email marketing

3. Consistent Mindset

The only reason I am mentioning “consistency” again because it’s more crucial than anything else.

Why consistency is important for a businessman?

95% of entrepreneurs fail because of inconsistency. At some point, they feel that the idea is not working.

The truth is — it was working! The results were too small to be seen. If they were able to wait a little longer, they would have touched the sky.

4. Patience

When it comes to starting an online business in California, things don’t work as fast as you imagine.

Why patience is important for a successful business?

In the digital marketing industry, most SEO experts say, “SEO is not always about what you do. Sometimes, it’s about what you don’t.”

I mentioned an example of SEO because it’s the backbone of almost every online business.

Digital advertising may cost you a lot of money. You can’t expect hungry customers from it.

SEO brings hungry customers to your door. When they knock at your door, you can close them in the fastest possible way.

Where to Go from Here?

It’s time to make a difference! Go ahead and take a day off to research your idea. Make sure whether the competition is high or not.

If the competition is high, try something else or understand the risk of working on it.

At last, I want you to become consistent, self-confident, aware, and creative.

Your idea doesn’t mean anything unless you take the pledge, “No matter what happens, I will keep following Azfar’s last advice.” :)

In other words, if you won’t sweat hard enough for your dreams, be ready to say bye-bye to it.