6 Best Quiet PC Cases You Should Know About — Turn the Stealth Mode On!

6 Best Quiet PC Cases — An Overview!

6 Best Quiet PC Cases for All Kinds of Silent PC Builds!

This case is a rockstar in terms of overall value. Ideally, people buy1 it for a fantastic cooling system and great functionality.

Features of Fractal Design Define 7

  • Insulation pads to absorb the fan noise
  • A door on the front chassis for better airflow
  • Filters on all entrances for easy cleaning
  • Audio I/O, reset, and power buttons
  • Replaceable top cover
  • Modern USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector
  • Easily removable panels

Specifications of Fractal Design Define 7

Pros & Cons of Fractal Design Define 7


  • High airflow nylon filters stop the dust from entering the case
  • The cable management is handy
  • Drive brackets are highly adjustable in 14 different positions
  • The operations are dead silent and the cooling system works fantastically
  • Good amount of ports and in-built fans
  • No RGB lighting available
  • No hard drive activity lights

2. Corsair 100R Silent Edition — Best Budget Quiet PC Case Option

100R is the go-to quiet PC case for budget builders. This works exceptionally well for offices because the design looks simple and doesn’t have any bells or whistles.

Features of Corsair 100R Silent Edition

  • A stable design with thin metal sheets
  • Co-mounted reset and power buttons
  • Mesh-free front for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Great assembly to reduce inter-component rattling
  • Good sound insulation for quiet operation
  • A three-speed switch to change the performance from silent to violent.

Specifications of Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Pros & Cons of Corsair 100R Silent Edition


  • Pre-installed fans minimize additional costs
  • An affordable price-tag
  • Dual USB 3.0 front panel ports
  • 4 highly adjustable drive bays
  • No ATX power supply included
  • The thin and lightweight side panel is easily bendable

3. Cooler Master Masterclass SL600M — Best Premium Quiet PC Case Option

We can call SL600M a premium quiet PC case. Even though it’s the highest priced on this list, its nice cooling system, superb chassis quality, and tons of other features make it reasonable.

Features of Cooler Master Masterclass SL600M

  • Enormous low-RPM fans
  • Vertical chimney-based design with vertical ventilation from bottom to top
  • Rotatable PCI bracket plate
  • Front panel PSU shroud
  • Anodized aluminum and steel design with tempered glass for great sound insulation
  • High ground clearance for air intake from the bottom
  • Plenty of cable mounts for cable management
  • Adjustable fan slide
  • A decent amount of USB ports

Specifications of Cooler Master Masterclass SL600M

Pros & Cons of Cooler Master Masterclass SL600M


  • Unique ventilation design gives natural airflow from bottom to top
  • Silent performance under heavy loads
  • Great in-built 200mm fans
  • Durable & spacious design
  • Rich I/O panel
  • Complex enough build for beginners
  • Pricey

4. Fractal Design Define Mini C — Best Quiet Micro-ATX PC Case Option

Want a silent micro ATX PC case? Go with this one because its smaller design not only make it small, it also gives a stable structure.

Features of Fractal Design Define Mini C

  • Light-weight and stable structure with good materials used
  • PSU shroud maintains the airflow and reduces noise
  • Dust filters on top, front, and bottom
  • Pre-installed cable ties for great cable management
  • A cool black & white theme for the case
  • Decent airflow to keep temperatures low

Specifications of Fractal Design Define Mini C

Pros & Cons of Fractal Design Define Mini C


  • Dedicated SSD plates
  • 5 PCI expansion slots
  • Great airflow and quiet performance
  • Stable structure
  • Low distance between 3.5” drives cause them to heat up faster
  • Slightly on the expensive side

5. Fractal Design Define Nano S — Best Quiet Mini-ITX PC Case Option

Nano S is the smallest quiet PC case on our list. We picked this case for those who don’t have much space on their table.

Features of Fractal Design Define Nano S

  • A good amount of sound dampening wherever it’s possible
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Small chassis for tight spaces
  • HDD activity LED light

Specifications of Fractal Design Define Nano S

Pros & Cons of Fractal Design Define Nano S


  • Made of durable quality material
  • Flexible storage options
  • Great cable management
  • HDD lights gives a great analysis of a bad hard drive
  • No sharp edges ensure safety
  • No dust filter on top of the case

6. Corsair Carbide Series 275Q — Minimalistic & Compact Design Quiet PC Case Option

This one is ideal for those who don’t prefer complex designs.

Features of Corsair Carbide Series 275Q

  • Fully steel-paneled case build
  • Almost completely sealed design
  • Plenty of sound dampening with small ventilation slits along the front
  • Removable top panel for more airflow
  • A decent amount of interior space

Specifications of Corsair Carbide Series 275Q

Pros & Cons of Corsair Carbide Series 275Q


  • Clean & minimalist design
  • Compact & lightweight build
  • Two pre-installed silent fans
  • Quiet operations
  • Great for rookie builders
  • Affordable price
  • Not good for performance builds
  • No RGB lighting

Factors You Should Know Before Buying a Quiet PC Case

Cooling & Thermal Performance

A good PC case always keeps the components cool. To do that, these can either use the pre-installed fans or you can install better fans after-market.

Form Factor

Motherboards come in several different sizes and specifications. That’s why there are different form factors for PC cases to suit all of those motherboards.

Pricing & Additional Costs

Great quiet PC cases exist but everything begins with budget.

Materials & Build Quality

Before building a PC, most buyers look for a long-term solution. Having a durable PC case will add to that and stay with you for years to come.

After-Market Add-Ons

Some of the cases we listed have almost everything pre-installed. However, some may not have what you need.

Cable Management

Keeping the PC clean and tidy is crucial. After all, the maintenance aspect of having a PC may not come to you at first but will trouble you in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Among these, Fractal Design Define 7 is best from all aspects.



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